This is a first session for the level 2 multimedia encouraging them to experiment with and also helping understand the difference between the Internet and the WWW.  This lesson is easy from the start, helping students understand the technology.

Resources: Internet, an old computer to demonstrate networking and connections,, drawing boards, paper, pens, crayons.

Starter session; Q & A- away from your computers and the Internet

Do you know the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?

1. Identify three different purposes that people might decide to create a website for

Main Session part 1; Presentation and Videos – The Internet and the World Wide Web

The Internet and the worldwideweb

Main Session part 2; Looking at blogging and WordPress for designing websites

A blog is a website which is created with a content management software, making it easy to publish articles and news. It is so easy to use;- anyone can produce a website in an instant.  CMS also allow techies to add functionality to the site with plugins, and other extras such as templates, making it even easier for us to get involved in the design of websites.

The most widely use CMS by designers are JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, DRUPAL.

Why having a blog is important for multimedia students?

  • Reflective diary
  • Practicing/developing skills in web design by developing templates, and experimenting
  • making the obvious difference between front-end and back-end
  • Can be used as a portfolio
  • Encourage development of writing skills
  • Reach out potential opportunities (further studies – jobs)
  • Share, enforce your knowledge

Let’s start blogging!

Go to and set your blog, you don’t have to make a site name with your name you can use a nickname.

Handouts will be given

Closing the session: Reflect in your learning log or blog