Starter Session

A taste of what you are going to create for the next 3 weeks

Research Task 

  • Research the term Kinetic Animation,
  • Explain why you would use a kinetic animation 
  • Who was the main trend setter in this field?

Group Task – project brief  – Unit 7 UAL level 3 Art & Design Kinetic animation project

Create a 60 seconds animated Kinetic typography sequence using Adobe After Effects. You must one of these speech below:

Marting Luther King “I have a Dream”


  • Neil Armstrong “The Moon Landing”
  • JF Kennedy
  • Gandhi

  • Charlie Chaplin



  1. Listen as a (group) each of the speeches above
  2. Download your preferred speech
  3. Edit the sound clip as needed (reduce to 60 seconds you want to use).
  4. Import into Adobe After Effects and analyse,  use a planning sheet -> markers where each work should appear.
  5. Prepare a rough plan for transitions and how the words will appear in your animation.
  6. Prepare a storyboard for your animation
  7. Animate text objects based on your audio and storyboarded plan.
  8. Add Intro and credits to your animation
  9. Package your animation
  10. Present your work to the class
  11. Upload your animation on your blog or youtube

Hand in your group project inexactly 3 weeks 

Good Samples – Kinetic Animations


Extension – Homework 

Try and animate a whole song, you will find songs lyrics on this site