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Practical Presentation Skills Unit Session 1 – Level 1 and 2

THEME OF THE DAY: POWERPOINT, LOOK AT PROFESSIONAL PRESENTERS AND RESEARCHING YOUR PREFERED SECTOR TUTOR: ANNA GABALI AUTHOR: ANNA GABALI Tutorials Dates: 8/09/2011 (level 2 group 20) – 10/05/10 (level 1 group 1) -13/05/11 (level 2 group 1) Learning outcomes: 1. Understand the skills involved in preparing and delivering presentations. 2. Be able to use different visual aids and delivery styles in presentations. 3. Be able to plan a presentation Other outcomes: Demonstrate the ability to use previous terms learning, in this case Information Literacy, Use ICT to present Information. Starter session Duration: 30 minutes Type of Activity: Q & A – Discussion/Revision from last term– Group Discussion Take your notebooks and make notes of everything we have discussed last term and what you have learned. You have exactly 10 minutes. Those who were absent need to download and read the program from the VLE. Last term only a few of you have finished and handed out the assignment. Students who have not submitted their assignment should meet with me at the end of the session this afternoon to discuss the different options and how they will finish the assignment. Main Session Part 1: Who is your best Presenter? Who is the presenter that you admire the most? What techniques do...

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