Ideas for teaching light and Photography

Ideas for teaching light and Photography

While browsing the Internet for research purposes, I came across this website which I think is a wonderful to use with students in Photography and multimedia technology.

I have to admit that although the site is not directly focusing on photography, the imagery is great for exploration. While most teachers in photography are exploring light with their students in a conventional manner; and the most I have seen is “painting with light”, this way of exploring light is great as it opens the visual mind to visual arts. Once one has found a safe & sound technique of  getting students to build an under clothing light system, the door to creativity is open to exploration. It is definitely something that both photography, and multimedia teachers can explore further, getting the students to work on interesting subjects. 


Inspiration for animation students – Ryan Woodward

Ryan Woodward has worked for Warner Brothers Feature Animation, Sony Pictures, Cartoon Network, Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Entertainment and Dreamworks Pictures on films such as Space Jam, The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones, Spider-man 2, Spider-man 3, Where the Wild Things Are, Ironman 2, and Cowboys and Aliens and The Avengers (2012).  Ryan has produced and directed 3 short films, The Loch, The Turtle and The Shark and Aliens that have played in over 40 film festivals worldwide (more about him).

I love his work which has a lot of romanticism (that is my mind), the animation bellow is really all about movement, flowing, connection.

You can see his website for more information about him. But I think that all animation teachers should discuss this with their students.