Your goal this term is to investigate, make a about a specific career in the / sector.
Using your information literacy gained last term, you will research the specific routes in multimedia/media students, helping them making a choice in their development/studies.

1. Set your Goals
• Identity the goals for your research.
• What do you want to include on your presentation?
• What type of interaction do you want?
• What will the content include?
• For whom are you designing the presentation?
2. Research Before you Create
Read books, browse internet, make a note of the elements that you would like to include in your presentation.
3. Select Appropriate Content
Think about what kind of information you want to source, generate, and share that would be of interest to others.
4. Plan your presentation
Create a plan or storyboard to plan for the general layout and appearance of the presentation and how and where props/resources can be linked.
It is important to plan where the where the props will be and how they will be connected before implementing your presentation plan.
5. Choose the Right Tools.
Determine what tools to use to create the presentation.
6. Test Your Presentation
Test your presentation with a variety of users with different levels of understanding. Their feedback will help you to improve your presentation.
7. Present to the class

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