Poster in the style of Stefan Sagmeister tutorial

1 – Download the picture bellow from and open it in Photoshop.

2- Use Google search and find a poem on ageing

3-  Go to and download Copy the fonts below:

4- Install the fonts on your compute

5- Copy and paste every single line from the paragraphs of the poem on single layers in Photoshop

6- Rearrange the text to your taste, but remember you are trying to chock or attract an audience with a message, colours and typographye

7- Once you are satisfied with the way your text is layout on your image, rasterize all layers (right-click on the layer, the select rasterize type)

8- You will need to use the warp tool and to fit your text on your subject. But before doing so, you need to apply one of the principles of graphic communication “clear message”. Also note, that you can use two fonts;. choose type styles and make a layout that best express the message you want to communicate.

Extension Exercise: Try this exercise with using your own calligraphy. Use interesting text style,  scan your document and create an interresitng layout in Photoshop.