Newspapers and magazines have to survive in an often fiercely competitive environment and effective page layout and design is an important factor in ensuring that they are successful in communicating to their target audience in an efficient and professional manner.

Session Objectives;

  • Research different magazines and newspapers house styles

Extension activities to achieve pass;

  • Ensure you research at lease 2 newspapers and 2 magazines using advises from the document bellow
  • When you have produced both magazine and newspaper evaluate your house style and compare with competition. Does it look professional enough? It not you need to use your tablet or mouse and amend your designs an layout.

An understanding of the importance of different house styles and the editorial and commercial decisions that influence page layout and design is important for anybody working within this area. Designers need to be skilled in using relevant software programs and utilizing a range of design and layout processes and techniques.

A house style is where a publishing industry organisation agrees that all its published material will use the same font, colour scheme, language, punctuation, grammatical style, layout, etc., in order to create a distinctive image that relates to their audience. House style includes:

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar,
  • Spelling & capitalization
  • Formatting of citations,references, abbreviations
  • Readability
  • Visual appearance
  • Layout
  • Colour scheme
  • Design
  • Typography
  • Photography