Level 3 unit 8 FMP Workshop

Create a new document size does not matter for the moment

On the Bg layer make a sky with the gradient tool (stacked with the paint bucket tool)


Use the elliptical lasso tool to create a black circle a second layer (create the new layer)


Use the elliptical lasso tool to create a brown oval a third layer (create the new layer)


Move the oval to the middle of the circle


Use the elliptical lasso tool to create a smaller black circle a 4th layer (create the new layer), move the circle at the top of the brown oval


Resize if you are not happy with your look so far

With the pen tool on the tool bar draw a mouth

Use the direct selection tool to correct your shape


Use the add or delete anchor point tools to add or delete points on your shape

Open the path panel and right-click on the path layer and click make a selection


Create a new layer and fill the selection with red

Create the shape of an eye with the pen tool and fill in with white (create a new layer)


To create the second eye jest duplicate the eye layer and transform  (edit>transform>flip vertical)


Then rotate 180

Create on eye brow and then instead of selection in the path layer (path panel), just right click and select fill path, (make sure that your foreground colour is black)


To make hearings just use the custom shapes tool




Add a ripple effect on the hair









The three last image could become an animation, or a logo, or an icon, but we are going to make a book cover.

You will need to duplicate the images Image>Duplicate

Delete the blue background layer, we don’t need it

Now right click on the layer panel and merge visible


Create a rectangle on a new layer and colour it duplicate 5 times and change colours



Merge the rectangles layer into one, right click and click merge down

Duplicate the merged layers until you cover the whole page

Merge  into one Layer




Add 2 polar coordinate effects and 2 ripple effects