• What you will learn; use Photoshop for video editing Basic
  • What you will create: a simple cinemagraph
  • Why cinemagraph? This is becoming a trend in advertising, with Instagram 
  • http://www.mdgadvertising.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/blog-instagram-marketing-budgets-2016.png

 What is cinemagraph?

The trick with cinemagraph is finding a good theme for your project, and also you need to find a subject that will be easy to mask in Photoshop.

Download this footage from https://www.videezy.com/music-related/2314-rotating-vinyl-record-player-needle-free-stock-footage

In Photoshop click File>Open in the menu bar (Photoshop will recognise video formats):

Play the video by selecting the play button on the timeline




You can select and trim your video to the footage you want to keep on the timeline, no big difference with After Effects, only the timeline is a bit different. I advise you to use a very short sequence at the beginning and then try with longer footages as you gain confidence using Photoshop for cinemagraph.


Duplicate your footage layer

You will see your duplicated footage on the same layer in the timeline line layer, your will need to drag it above your original footage to have on its own layer in the timeline.



Now make sure that video group and layer copy are aligned on the timeline

With the vidoe group layer selected make a selection around the area you want to keep, because the player head moves a lot, don’t make your selection close to the edge


With the video group layer still selected click on the layer masking icon at the bottom of the layer panel


Hide the layer above video group and play your movie, you might need to improve your selection

Move Layer 1 copy below the video group

Rasterize the top layer on the layer panel. To rasterize the layer your just need to right click on the layer

Make correction to your video group layer select,  selected, click on the brush tool in the tool bar, then make sure that your foreground colour is white, and select a soft brush and paint over the area you want to mask. Use black foreground if you want to unmask.

Reduce the size of your footage

Now clean the vidoe with some effects, whatever you want

Looke above mine is still very not ready for export I have a lot of manipulations to do,

Once you finished File>save for the web, or Flei> Export> Export as (CC) make your animated gif file







OK Let’s do it for Advertising purpose

In an ideal situation a whole design team will be working on different things to make a cinemagrap.

  • Photography
  • 3d (if you want)
  • Movie
  • Etc…