Starter Session

Logo Design Process with Will Paterson

Just to remind you that your project will need a logo

Project Support

Things to remember

Research: 60-80 percent to your time must be spent on research:

To Become an expert on the subject, learn everything you can, and gather as much information/material you can.
Research artists, design techniques, software techniques, drawing techniques
If your project is typographic; research the basics in typography, typography artist/designers (Milton Glaser, Saul Bass, Nevile Brody), Lettering, type elements (ascenders, descenders, basline, tail, stem).
If your project is an animation; research animation techniques, aniamtions studios designers, animation styles
Research Graphic Design Rules, Colour Theory, examples of good and bad designs
Research examples of good and bad designs
Collect primary and secondary research (facts, photogrpahs, sample designs)
Research audience; create audience profile/persona
Thumbnails. Make at lest 15 thumbnail sketches all throughout your sketchbook.
Pick the 5 best thumbnails and develop them into rough sketches. no computer
Pick the 3 best sketches and develop products.