Level 3 y1 Photoshop Typography workshop 3D Text Sagameister style

Starter Session 

Advice for evidencing your work

Simple 3D text tutorial Sagmeister inspired 

Download the image we are going to use here https://pixabay.com/en/sunset-tree-water-silhouette-1373171/

Open your picture in Photoshop

Create the text using the T tool on the tool bar

Resize your text

You can change the text colour but at this stage it is not important

Exit text tool and right click on the text layer in the tool bar and select New 3d Extrusion for Selected layer

If you don’t like the look of your text, you can change it by clicking on the character icon next to the colour icon(properties panel), the character panel will pop out and you can select type-font

CHoose extrusion depth

Choose your 3d shape preset



Cilck on the Serenity layer in the 3d panel, and the cap icon in the properties panel, and choose your cap (bevel) settings.

Click on the light icon in the 3d panel and select a preset form the presets menu in the properties panel

You can change the light colour and intensity by clicking on the colour icon

The last touch up will be to fix your lighting, so click on the light, rotate, and move to get an ambient light that fits the mood of your image

Light panel basics:

  • Light Type; can be spot, infinit or spot
  • Intensity; you can change brightness
  • Color: Choose the colour of your light
  • Shadows; Just shaodows setting
  • Softness; Don’t really use it, you will not like it, produces a strange falloff.

Experiment with light, shape presets, fonts an camera


The material icon is on the 3d panel, you can experiment with Photoshop material library



Clicking on the camera view icon and the Scene icon in the 3d panel with help you move your text in 3d space



Watch your shadow you will need to move the light so it matches the tree shadow. The environment colours should all be black for this image


Let’s make another one

Before your start download


Install the fonts

Install all the brushes, open the zip folder and double click on the .br icons

Create a new A3 Landscape document

With Text tool create the text, we want the word deconstruct

Change the typo to Uni sans and text size to 120pt


Change the text c3c3c3


Click on create 3d from text

Your text might not look good, right click on the 3d layer and Click Render 3D

If the render takes too long just press escape on kb (ESC), to resume right click on the layer and click resume

Click on the Deconstruction layer in the 3d panel and click on the Scale the 3d object on the sub menu bar, resize your text


Click on material icon in the 3d panel and change the material

This will make the 3d object easier to work with

Click on drag icon to move the text up and down and place it

Click on Scene in the 3d panel and on the camera icon in the sub menu bar and zoom in

At this stage if your computer is too slow working with the 3d text crop the document with the crop tool

Create a new layer (layer new layer), use your brushes, preferably a crack one to make cracks on the floor, make sure that the new layer is below the 3d layer

You will also need to use the transform, skew, perspective to place the crack

Open and place your downloaded image below the 3d text and cracks layers. You will need to do some adjustments

 Add the grass picture and mess around with the layers to get some interesting results