While employers are in need for apprentices with the skills they need, they have yet to understand that they have  to train tomorrow’s workforce. And therefore although the scope of employing cheap workforce is tempting, we must keep in mind that some form of training must be implemented withing the workplace.

A new form of income for teachers is born out of the Apprenticeship schemes. Employers are now looking into taking on teachers in the workplace to support with the development of curriculum and teaching. And some teachers are now capitalizing on the opportunity, developing curriculum and grabbing a piece of the apple.

While most are keeping their eyes on the money, we still have the chance to have a say in the Richard Review, and help forge good apprenticeship programs. 

Personally I understand that employers need the best, but the opportunities are not as bright for the under achieving learners as they are pushed into Admin and Customer service apprenticeships. Yes it changes their lives; they have a job. But we will never be able help them uncover their talent. 

And as a lecturer who has worked with talented deaf students teaching deaf students about digital media and designs, I want to really some clause discussing apprenticeship for the disabled and less able learners. 

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