Unit Page design and Layout for Magazines & Newspapers InDesign

Research exercise

Go to http://www.ipcadvertising.com/ipc-brands/

  • Find how much it cost for a full page advert on Marie-Claire
  • What is the frequency of Amateur photographer and target market?

Go to http://www.mirrorgroup.co.uk/

What information can you find about:

  • Celebs on Sunday
  • Seven Days
What does the following article tells you?
Now take a few minutes to consider the following:
You are working of the development of women magazine:
  • What is your plan?
  • How would you go about it?
  • Design, print and launch?  What is wrong with this way of working if wrong?
 Today there will be a small introduction Illustrator (Vector), we will be covering basics, as the main point is about importing different types of graphics in your layout. We will continue with InDesign. But as from week 7 you will have to research the software by yourself,   as we also have to cover Photoshop, Typography, Legal Issues, etc…