Creating a bottle in less than 10 minutes with 3DS Max. You can download a 30 trial from their web site. For this demo I am using the spline and Nurbs modeling techniques.

Designing with Cinema 4d is very easy and less stressful. The steps to the the video are very simple:

  1. Open the software
  2. Work in from view -Select viewport panel number 4 from the View menu
  3. To import an image in the background just select Edit>Configure in the view Panel
  4. On the right (bottom) part of object panel you will see the word attributes and bellow a series of buttons; click on the back button and your will see the Show Picture click on it if no tick there, and in the image option load up your image.
  5. Use the freehand spline tool from the Objects modeling tools menu and start drawing the shape of the bottle
  6. In the object panel , your spline will appear
  7. Now add a Lathe Nurbs and drop the spline in the Lathe Nurbs
  8. Select the perspective view in the view port, you will see your 3d bottle
  9. You can edit the spline just by selecting it and delete/move points on the Nurbs (make sure the spline is selected), or by dropping the spline out the the Nurbs (don’t forget to drop it back)
  10. To add material just use the bottom part of the viewport
  11. To add lights just use the Object menu
  12. To render use the render menu
  13. Have fun!