Digital CVs,

This is the time of the year when we all have to encourage our students to move on, they are getting ready for the next step;higher education or  employment. In the old days my work was just concerned with helping create a portfolio, and fill uni or job applications. 

Now, there are technologies that can encourage visual arts students to produce interesting cvs. I have tried and tested and found interesting. I have tested it in one of my class using the topic of info-graphics.  Learning about info-graphic can encourage your students who are developing skill in both digital (web, graphic) and print design to think about audience and visuals, making the whole message visually appealing and easy to understand. For 15 minutes a day (starter session), we discuss an application that makes information visually appealing.

In term changing the landscape job search on the Internet,  Eugene Woo has certainly made it easy for media students to get inspiration in presenting themselves to world with I definitely think that is a tool that creative and media teachers should not ignore.