Web design level 2 Multimedia Session 2

Web design level 2 Multimedia Session 2

 Web design level 2 Multimedia Session 2

This is the second session for the level 2 multimedia encourages students  to understand the difference between creating website using WordPress and Dreamweaver.

Resources: Internet, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, www.wordpress.com, drawing boards, paper, pens, crayons.

By the end of this lesson:

  • learners will be able to identity and understand technology

    img_55da702841464 Web design level 2 Multimedia Session 2

    Web design level 2 Multimedia Session 2

  • learners will have experimented with both CMS and WYSIWYG

Starter session; Q & A- away from your computers and the Internet

  • What is a url?
  • Define IPv6
  • What is the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web?
  • HTTP? What is this???!!!
  • And what on hearth is a domain name??
  • Server? Why do I need a server for?
  • TCP? Is the short name for Three Cool Professionals? Am I right?
  • IP = Intelligent Pen
  • If I want a website I need a domain name. True or False?

Main Session part 1;

It is time to break down the definitions:- take notes


Use your drawing skills (drawing broad/sketch book or A3), draw an instructional version of this video to demonstrate your understanding.

Main Session part 2; Group Debate

Group 1- Make an effective research about the advantages of social web sites in view of arguing the fact that social websites are not dangerous to society, but beneficial.

Group 2- Make an effective research about the disadvantages of social web sites in view of arguing the fact that social websites are dangerous for vulnerable people etc…

You have 30 minutes to gather facts, and plan and prepare your debate.

Main Session part 4; Introduction to Dreamweaver & Workshop

For this workshop we will create a basic website using Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Le’ts start together

You will need to open and find Dreamweaver

1. Begin by creating a folder on your computer called “mysite” as all one word. Save all of your files related to this site into this folder. Create a folder within this folder called images.

2. Create the pages

  • index
  • about
  • portfolio
  • contact
  • links

3. add content – text is enough for today

4. link the pages

5. preview the site

Now watch the video  + Tutor demo and explanations + take notes



A BRIEF This brief will the base for our final design
RESEARCH Research the Internet to see what the competitors do
PLAN The plan will be an extension to the brief and will dictate how we design the website
WEB DESIGN AND GRAPHIC DESIGN SKILLS A designer is able to use a good color combination for the design, also understand the difference between graphics for web and print. They also need to have the basics of coding (HTML and CSS) to be able to deliver a good project. Although we can use CMS; it is in the designer interest to know about web technology and design
A GOOD COLLECTION OF SOFTWARE PACKAGES Although it is possible to design a website using NotePad or TexEdit is very advisable to have an array of software packages;

– animation software for designing banners

– design software to design graphics

– web design editor packages to visually (WYSIWYG/WYSYG/CMS)

– uploading software (FTP)

DOMAIN NAME the url for the user to view your page
HOSTING Server space to upload the site















Extra resources



  • Start planning your own website for next week.

Closing the session: Reflect in your learning log or blog

Business Card workshop Level 1

Business Card workshop Level 1

For Level 1 Music & Media

Subject: Artwork Imaging – Theme: Business Cards

Material required for experimental purpose: Sample business cards, Internet, Photoshop, Printer, Paper/Pen

Students will learn basic photo editing techniques.   Students will analyze and evaluate the results.

Lesson Objectives;

  1. Exploring the different type of business cards
  2. Understanding and Researching Business representation
  3. Digital Imaging;- importing/exporting, using appropriate tools
  4. Present work
  5. Reflect and think of how the above learning is going to be use in summative assignment

This video helps students understand how to use text tool, and import into an image in Photoshop. Usually used with the level 1, but level 2 are also shown this video, for catch-up and reminder
img_565ba43c6d9ed Business Card workshop Level 1 (more…)

Anett my level 1 Creative & Media student launching her tutorials

Anett my level 1 Creative & Media student launching her tutorials

Annet is my number one creative and media (foundation) student, she is already following her teachers steps and launching her own tutorials channel on youtube.

That is what is happening in my class the kids enjoy the learning that they go out of their way to demonstrate their skills. And Annet is sharing with the world.

She what I call the prime example of dedication.  Please help grow her user base, so she can experience social enterprise.


Workshop Level 1 Media & C & M Magazine cover Design

Workshop Level 1 Media & C & M Magazine cover Design

This longer video is encouraging students to guess what tools were used to produce this mag cover. Usually used as a starter session or a test session.

Students can work in group and make note of all the different, tools and functions used to produce this magazine cover. They are then encouraged to plan and design their own cover. Depending on the type of magazine they will be producing, they are given a template to help them with the design.


magcoverLevel1Photoshop-212x300 Workshop Level 1 Media & C & M Magazine cover Design

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