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Polaroid Eyewear competition for graphic and 3d designers 52

Polaroid Eyewear competition for graphic and 3d designers

Polaroid Eyewear,  is promoting a competition which I think is a good opportunity for both graphic design and 3d students. I am not going to list all the demands from the site, but you all need to visit this site and have a long time before the deadlines.  I visited the site, and I love the movie on the history of Polaroid (Fantastic)....

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Core Skills Developing Practical Skills and Techniques Level 1 54

Core Skills Developing Practical Skills and Techniques Level 1

LEARNER ASSESSMENT BOOKLET Unit Title: Developing Practical Skills and Techniques Teacher: Anna Gabali Level: One Credit Value: 3 GLH: 27 NOCN Unit Code: HC1/1/QQ/019 QCDA Unit Reference  Number:  L/600/3237 Submitted to students on the 13/06/11 Deadlines28/06/11 Student Name: Date Submited: LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT CRITERIA This unit has 4 learning outcomes. The learner will:   The learner can: 1. Know how to use practical skills and techniques for a chosen activity.   1.1. Outline the skills and techniques involved in the chosen activity. 1.2. Use skills/techniques to undertake a chosen activity.   2. Know how to plan and execute an activity.   2.1. Plan activity, identifying each stage of process/development. 2.2. Identify materials and equipment needed for each stage. 2.3. State any problems encountered at each stage.   3. Understand the health and safety requirements to undertake chosen craft.     3.1. Outline safe working practices. 3.2. Identify risks and hazards. 3.3. Follow, as directed, relevant safe working practices.   4. Review own development. 4.1. Outline practical skills and techniques learnt. 4.2. Identify areas for improvement.   PROJECT BRIEF: You have gained a lot of skills this year and it is time for you to sell your skills, by organising; – An event or Promoting your services You have to...

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freelance contract to to design and make the props

Travelling Light Theatre and Truth About Youth are running a performing arts experience course for 16-25 year olds who are not in education, employment or training and who are interested in different aspects of theatre, specifically either: directing, design, music or performing. Working with a team of professional theatre makers, participants will have the opportunity to form their own touring theatre company, with different roles available for the creation, production and performance of a brand new piece inspired by, and performed within, the community of Barton Hill in East Bristol. The course is a part of the Truth About Youth project in Bristol, which seeks to challenge negative perceptions of young people across the city. We are recruiting for a designer on a freelance contract to to design and make the props, set and costume for a devised production inspired by the ideas, skills and interests of the participants, and to lead a small group of participants interested in design within theatre throughout the course. Dates:  23rd June (meeting), 13th July (taster day) + 18th July – 5th August Fee:     £1575 inclusive of all expenses. For more information on the project, the role and how to apply, please visit For more information on the Truth About Youth in Bristol...

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Animate OPEN: Digitalis – Call for Submissions 0

Animate OPEN: Digitalis – Call for Submissions

Animate Projects is pleased to announce a call for its first online exhibition selected from an open submission. We are looking for works that – in a broad sense – explore, question, subvert or confound our expectations of art and the ‘digital’. Or which might be ‘anti’ the digital, emphasising the handmade, physically crafted. The Animate OPEN is part of Digitalis, a strand of activities for 2011 that have a focus on the potential of the digital space as a site for artistic production. Animate Projects champions experiments and creative risk taking in animation across a broad spectrum of practice. We are the only UK organisation dedicated to commissioning and exhibiting innovative animation online and on digital platforms. has an international reputation as a place to encounter outstanding work by British artists and receives more than 24,000 visitors each month. The Animate OPEN is for complete works by UK-based artists, animators and filmmakers, produced since January 2009. A Jury will select up to ten films for exhibition and there will be two cash prizes – one awarded by the Jury (£1000), and an Audience Prize (£300), open to a public vote. Each artist included in the exhibition will be paid a £100 fee. Selected films will be presented online...

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Comuniart is dedicated to celebrating the work of emerging artists. Over 40 venues have been secured throughout London and await the work of the local creative community. The exhibitions will be promoted as a large campaign. It’s completely free to get involved! Please go to and follow the instructions on the homepage. Aug 18 – Sep 18 /...

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Starter session Illustrator revision (vector graphics) 65

Starter session Illustrator revision (vector graphics) Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS This is a starter session asking students to recognized tools used in this quick logo demo, the students have already had experience using Adobe Illustrator. Usually used  for the third illustrator session, with the level 2 Creative & media and...

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Making a 3d mag with Illustrator 51

Making a 3d mag with Illustrator Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS This tutorial is used in the classroom, this is to demonstrate how to make a 3d version of the magazines students create in the...

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Any Artist can get funding for projects with wefund 37

Any Artist can get funding for projects with wefund

This is very good information for artists, film makers, writers, animators etc.. They help you promote and raise funds for any creative projects. How to create a project on   Watch this to help you understand. This is a project that is looking for funding on Send us a proposal Simply use your facebook login details or create a new account. Then complete the form on the right of the page. None of your data will be shared or used for marketing purporses. Get your project ready Once your proposal has been accepted (hopefully within 48 hours) you need to make a video (2-4 mins, max 250mb) explaining your project. Write the blurb (500 words). Incentives Come up with a list of incentives for your project.  This is the key bit. Involve your backers in your process – offer them something they can’t get anywhere else – or simply pre-sell copies of your work/tickets to your show to pay for your manufacturing costs/deposit on the theatre. Post your project When your project is ready, follow the link we provide, create you account and post your project. As a project creator, you will need to have a PayPal account, though your backers can use both PayPal and their...

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Developing Problem Solving Skills Level 2 Core Skills

Project Brief: You have been very active in setting your Mediactiv business. But your business is not marketable at this point; You have no logo You have a website with no information. You all have roles, but no one is actively marketing the business You have no business cards And above all no marketable ideas to generate income In one word, Mediactiv is in “chaos” and you all need to step up. You will need to work in small groups and come with solutions and designs to launch the business properly. Group 1: Design an appropriate logo for the business that will go on all marketing materials and business cards. So far I can see 2 different types of logo and this is inappropriate, a business only has one logo. I don’t see Nike or McDonald with 3 types of logo. Group 2: although you have a website, you have nothing to say to attract visitors, or sell to generate income. You need to plan the design and content of the website. Group 3: You need to come up with ideas that will help Mediactiv generate income and market them through promotional flyers, than will be distributed in the college for start. Task 1: Investigate your issue You need...

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Craft Central needs volunteers to help with our very first handmade wedding fair! 44

Craft Central needs volunteers to help with our very first handmade wedding fair!

Craft Central needs volunteers to help with our very first handmade wedding fair! In two weeks’ time, Craft Central will be hosting their very first handmade wedding fair, Craft Central Gets Hitched. The fair takes place between the 23rd and 25th of June. In the run-up to the fair we need volunteers to assist with the many marketing activities surrounding the event. We’re also on the lookout for volunteers who could help during the event itself, such as greeting visitors when they arrive and handling sales for the exhibitors. This would be a great opportunity for anybody interested in finding out what goes into supporting designer-makers and organising events to promote their work. Previous volunteers have helped to set up exhibitions, worked on marketing campaigns, carried out specific research, helped to mailout invitations and much more.  Whatever skills and experience you have, there is something that you can do at Craft Central. If you would like to become a member of our fabulous Craft Central volunteer team, please get in touch by emailing with your CV and your availability over the next couple of weeks. For more info on Craft Central go...

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