Starter Session

Quick tips – Addon

Addons are modules or scripts which help extend Blender capabilities, or make the work of the designer easier

Activate the screencast module; file>user preferences>Add-ons

Search screencast keys in the search bar, click on the check icon, then save user settings. to

To activate the screencast keys addon while you are using Blender; open properties windows click on + sign in 3d viewport or N on KB, or view>properties then click on start display.

If you don’t find the addon that’s because it is not installed; you can download the addon there


Right-click on the page to save the script.

To install the addon go back to your user settings>addon>install from file>check the addon>save user settings.

What happens when you enable the addon?


Now that we have tried one add-on let’s design a tree using another add-on.

  1. Create a new scene file>new and delete the cube, the light, and the camera

2.Go to user preferences and enable the sappling tree gen addon, then check it and save the user settings

3. Add a curve>sappling tree gen

4.pull the tree panel up (on the left), so you can model the tree. First, change some settings for the geometry.

 5. Then change the branch growth

6.change your branch splitting settings

7. Try branch radius

8.Add some leaves and experiment with the settings


9. Find and download a tree bark texture on the internet


10 find a download a leaf image (png transparent background),

Work in split view