Session Aims:


  • Create artwork with elements of design
  •  Identify how artists and designers have created designs and artwork
  • Demonstrate how to create artwork with the elements of design


Activity 1 50 minutes – in teams of two you will research how these following terms are applied in Graphic Design. You will need to explain all the terms to the class with examples and demonstrations (next lesson).



Breaking down the activities:


  1. Find the definition of the terms below (must be related to art or design or photography)
  2. For each term, make a rough design or example in our sketchbook
  3. For each term make a tutorial for the class
  4. For an example, the term repetition is a principle of design  I have researched how repetition is used in photography and will demonstrate to the class how to create a photograph with repetition in mind

Landscapes in Medinah Saudi Arabia