Task 2 should help cover the following learning outcomes:

  • 2.1 Select colors with precision
  • 2.2 Create a harmonious color scheme
  • 2.3 Save colors in the color palette for future use
  • 2.4 Specify the balance of each color in the palette
    • a) Dominant color(s)
    • b) Supporting colors
    • c) Accents/highlights

Task A]

Go to www.colour.adobe.com  

  • create three colour schemes and save them in my themes (use menu option on the site -top).  You will create 3 post cards from these  schemes.
  • To create a postcard from your color saved color schemes, all you need to do is open your Libraries panel in Photoshop, if you are logged in Photoshop, that should download your saved color palette from adobe.com.
  • See images below to give yo an idea of what you have to do: