Task 1] 

a] Create a series of 2 pictures/scenes, each picture must be drawn at least 6 times using different color combination (see examples below).

The point of this task is to encourage you to start thinking of colour combinations as an essential part of the design process, testing combinations on papers first, can help you answer the following questions:

  • What color combinations work well together?
  • What color to use to create meaning?
  • What color cause reactions?
  • What color raises the senses of peace, belonging, love, hate, compassion?

Task B] Scan your drawings, and select the best one, then:

  • Open in Photoshop
  • And create a colour scheme in Photoshop, using the “save to swatches”.
    • You should be able to create print screen like the one below, to evidence




Task C] Create a logo or a digital image with your best drawing (you don’t have to use pen tool to recreate the whole image if it’s good quality).

Task D] Reapeat task B to C for the second series of sketches 

These activities should help cover learning outcomes below:

1.1 Create a simple original design using colors 1.2Apply knowledge of color theory to select and use colors effectively a) Select colors appropriate to the medium and context b) Select colors according to the relationships between them 1.3 Produce variations of a design with different color schemes to achieve different purposes