Ensuring you pass this unit with a grade A, takes a lot of effort and experimentation with drawing.

  1. Define, describe or explain with examples (or your own drawings) the following Elements and Principles of Design:

Task 1 You should research all the terms below, complete the table. I have started 3 to help you.


A line can be defined as a stroke or two connected points (Adobe Illustrator). Lines define mass,  contour,  can be used to define space, can be dividers, and sections for laying out information on a page. You will need to draw lines, and research more on how lines are used in Graphic Design. Think of you can do with lines in art or graphic design, what lines can be, or suggest (direction, jagged, straight, curved ect..)




shapes can be geometric or organic, they add interest to your designs. Research the different types of shapes used in drawing or design (organic, geometric). Draw geometric and organic shapes.

Student artwork, made in Illustrator uses shapes.

Value Depth

A good example with colour would be to research  and then explain in your own words how colour is used in graphic design. In the examples bellow student has used colour as a main element of design, you can really see the colour red as complementary elements that clearly complements the message.

Texture form Tone  

Task 2 Design Postcards using the element of design, using drawings or Adobe Illustrator 

Task 3 Design a Poster with movement in mind 

The tutorial bellow will help the thinking process of how movement can be simply represented in GD using simple shapes.

Make a simple movement Poster in Adobe Illustrator

Create a circle using the ellipse tool