Anna Gabali

Anna Gabali

‎Freelance IT and Creative Media Lecturer & IQA

I was born in the French Caribbeans (Guadeloupe), raised in Suresnes (Paris), and am now leaving in London. In France I was lucky enough to get work experience with the biggest names in advertising such as En Direct, Publicis and Young & Rubiccam, and smaller advertising agencies,  which gave me a grand insight into the world of advertising and media, I guess the fact that I spoke more that one language helped a lot.

I am now working Freelance teaching, assessing and quality assurance offering services on Digital Media courses.

Currently an IQA for learndirect and Freelancing (teaching), I am a qualified Lead IV and Lecturer (grade 2) for post 16 education with 11 years’ experience leading in the development and production of teaching, learning materials and facilitation of a wide range of courses/units in FE, HE, Sixth Form and apprenticeships programmes. I am a self-motivated individual with strong planning, organizational and leadership skills; I am able to teach, assess and manage the quality assurance processes for a range of Information Technology, Creative/Digital Media, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Employability, and FS programmes, and can offer a range of skills  At the Press Association with my studentsMultimedia class presenting  project at Press Association – 2009including web development, games design and development, animation and other digital skills. I can prepare interactive study materials, and assessments, which are clear, accurate and structured; and produce written information that sets out key issues, options and actions. I am qualified in IT and New Media Management, with Solid experience in IT, digital arts, web design and multimedia.
I am committed to improving people’s lives and performances, sensitive to the needs and expectations of individuals, I provide high professional standards of work and of conduct.

From 2006 to 2011, I have shared the knowledge and given most of my genius to students; it is hard (teaching), but I am happy to see students leaving from level 2 Multimedia (NOCN) to University, others going freelance, and some gaining the confidence to get ahead in life. With the level 2 students, I worked wonders with EVs satisfied that my students were producing work at level 3.

This business started in the class at Newham College:

Type of fun the students had in the class