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Held on 4th June, Drawing Day is an international event that encourages people to celebrate art by sharing their drawings online.

Drawing Day 2011 is aiming to get one million drawings uploaded during the day and remainder of the weekend. This is a huge target and we are hoping you will help by uploading a drawing to DrawPlus.com.

To participate, create a design in DrawPlus and upload it to DrawPlus.com with the keyword tag: ‘Drawing Day’. Alternatively you can draw freehand and submit a scanned image. To cater for entrants in different timezones, DrawPlus.com will be accepting entries throughout the Drawing Day weekend.

Anybody can take part, so whether you’re a professional illustrator or a novice that hasn’t drawn for fun since you were a child, you can upload your work. Draw and upload any style of artwork, just keep it clean and inoffensive!

If you don’t own DrawPlus, don’t worry. Simply download DrawPlus Starter Editionfor free and start work on your design today!

Drawing Day 2011 will only be a success if we all participate and make some noise, so tell your friends and family and spread the word!

Visit the Drawing Day 2011 website to find out more.

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