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3d Design Introduction part 1 – learning from the best

This tutorial is part of 6 weeks introduction to 3d tutorial, student are encouraged to use free software, so they can practice both at home if they have a computer. The first week is not too worried about designing 3 d, it more helping students making a choice in the type of software they want to use. Week 1: Level 2 Multimedia – Introduction to 3d Resources: Internet, sketch pads, crayons, 3d software, Word/PowerPoint, boards   Starter Session: Q & A – What is you best Pixar Animation and why? Activity 1 – Let’s learn from the pros Tron was the catalyst inspiration for the co-funder of Pixar John, from Tron John pitched an idea to his boss at Disney who not interested sacked him. John went on and work for Georges Lucas, who could not afford taking any risks. Luxo Junior was the first movie Pixar created. To create that movie John was inspired by his friend’s son. There is one rule with Pixar; “they never separate the adult from the child”, they view the world like children do and that is the essential element of their success. more resources: Activity 2 – Investigating different 3d Software packages In group no more that...

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Web Design part 1 Level 2 Knowing the differences Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS This is a first session for the level 2 multimedia encouraging them to experiment with and also helping understand the difference between the Internet and the WWW.  This lesson is easy from the start, helping students understand the technology. Resources: Internet, an old computer to demonstrate networking and connections,, drawing boards, paper, pens, crayons. Starter session; Q & A- away from your computers and the Internet Do you know the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web? 1. Identify three different purposes that people might decide to create a website for   Main Session part 1; Presentation and Videos – The Internet and the World Wide Web The Internet and the worldwideweb Main Session part 2; Looking at blogging and WordPress for designing websites A blog is a website which is created with a content management software, making it easy to publish articles and news. It is so easy to use;- anyone can produce a website in an instant.  CMS also allow techies to add functionality to the site with plugins, and other extras such as templates, making it even easier for us to get involved in the design...

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Drawing Day is an international event that encourages people to celebrate art by sharing their drawings online 2

Drawing Day is an international event that encourages people to celebrate art by sharing their drawings online

Just passing on this information Held on 4th June, Drawing Day is an international event that encourages people to celebrate art by sharing their drawings online. Drawing Day 2011 is aiming to get one million drawings uploaded during the day and remainder of the weekend. This is a huge target and we are hoping you will help by uploading a drawing to To participate, create a design in DrawPlus and upload it to with the keyword tag: ‘Drawing Day’. Alternatively you can draw freehand and submit a scanned image. To cater for entrants in different timezones, will be accepting entries throughout the Drawing Day weekend. Anybody can take part, so whether you’re a professional illustrator or a novice that hasn’t drawn for fun since you were a child, you can upload your work. Draw and upload any style of artwork, just keep it clean and inoffensive! If you don’t own DrawPlus, don’t worry. Simply download DrawPlus Starter Editionfor free and start work on your design today! Drawing Day 2011 will only be a success if we all participate and make some noise, so tell your friends and family and spread the word! Visit the Drawing Day 2011 website to find out...

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Yours to Share – share your pictures with your community

To celebrate Co-operatives Fortnight (25 June – 9 July 2011)wave is organising an exciting local digital photography competition based around the idea of sharing. We want people to capture their individual response to this universal theme. This competition is open to everyone, it’s not just for professional photographers – images taken on your mobile phone are fine. We are looking for creativity and ideas rather than technical brilliance – it’s the message that’s important. The images will be uploaded to an online gallery, and will also be exhibited in the F-ISH gallery, Robertson Street, Hastings. There will be three winners, one from the under-18 age group. Winners will be chosen by members of wave and will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on Friday 8 July. The exhibition will run until Thursday 14 July.   The three winners will receive a professionally framed print of their photograph. The closing date is Thursday 30 June. Entries are limited to one per person. Email your entry to, with your name and contact details as shown below: name: age:   email: phone number:   photo title: We will keep all of your information confidential and we will only contact you (via the email used for submission) to send you further information regarding this...

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Solo exhibition opportunity for artists working with photography film and video 40

Solo exhibition opportunity for artists working with photography film and video

South Square Gallery is looking for proposals from artists working with photography, film or video for a solo exhibition in the gallery during October 2011. This opportunity will provide a supportive and professional environment for the artist to present new or existing works. It will also enable critically engaged work to communicate with our wide and varied audience. This exhibition at South Square Gallery will coincide with Ways of Looking, a photography, film and new media festival, which will take place across Bradford in venues including Impressions Gallery and the National Media Museum. The successful artist will receive a £150 fee. To apply: 1. Brief proposal (up to 250 words)2. C.V.3. Images/video of proposed work (up to 10 or 5-10 min extract)4. Images/video of previous work (up to 10 or 5-10 min extract) Prints (Not originals) and CDs for images are accepted.DVDs, mpgs (or equivelant) and web links for videos are accepted.If you would like your submission returned to you please provide a SAE. Post to: Exhibition opportunity, South Square Gallery, South Square, Thornton, BD13 3LD. Or Email to: (1 email per artist, 5mb limit, email submissions that exceed this quota will not be accepted). Deadline: Sunday 05 June 3pm About South Square Gallery South Square Gallery is a critically engaged...

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Call for entries @ The Salon Art Prize 2011 46

Call for entries @ The Salon Art Prize 2011

The Salon Art Prize, an annual competition for painting, sculpture & installation, and 2-D practices (drawing collage, printmaking etc.). To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the prize they are offering a separate prize of £1000 for the following categories: Sculpture and Installation Painting Painting Accepted media: Painting, Sculpture and Installation (including sound) and 2-D Media (which includes drawing, collage, printmaking etc). Deadline: 17.00 (GMT), Saturday 13th August, 2011.Location: LondonFor more information email: The Salon Art Prizes – Matt Roberts Arts Project Space at Unit 1, 25 Vyner Street, London, E2 9DG...

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Learner Assessment Booklet Unit Title Using Teamwork Skills Level 2

Learner Assessment Booklet Unit Title: Using Teamwork Skills Project Brief: Team Project Your goal this term is to develop a multimedia project as a team, minimum of three members per team. Ideas for project: Movie Poster Social enterprise An event The choice is yours but the project has to be a group project. Think of the multimedia skills you have gained this year and use them to create your own project. I will act as a facilitator, supporting, advising and guiding you. But you will have to use your independent learning skills to produce most of the work. Sample projects: In the last academic year; Two members of the Multimedia Level 2 groups, created a social enterprise called Press N Play Media. With this unit they have developed both media and team working skills.   Other members have created an informational website about the Olympics....

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CD Cover tutorial with assessment Design & Imaging Software 7

CD Cover tutorial with assessment Design & Imaging Software Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Unit Aims: This is the ability to use a software application designed to create, modify and layout artwork or images for display in print or on a screen (eg vector graphics for design and drawing; raster graphics for photo manipulation or illustration). Students will be working with Photoshop and learn: Photoshop Basic tools (palettes, effects, and layers) Digital Painting Techniques Photo manipulation Photoshop functions (galleries, actions) Basic of print production This unit is taught with Phot0shop but can easily but used for any other Design and imaging software....

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Sorry for the troubles on this site

Just want to apologies to all feed readers this site had big issues since Friday, I have spent the week-end glued on my laptop and PC trying to solve this problem. It not completely solve, just give me until the 30th May to solve. Of teaching is taking the major part of my days so I barely have time in the evening to solve...

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